Few photographers understand the technical aspects of capturing a moment, and of printing a quality photograph, better than Andrew Campbell.
This award-winning photographer balances his artistic vision with a solid knowledge of the craft. Andrew is an expert at one of the most challenging areas of photography, manipulating light. He consistently finds creative and appropriate visuals to complement his clients' editorial and marketing needs.

Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Andrew Campbell graduated from the Dublin Institute of Technology, where photographers-in-training must master the technical nuances of photography before exploring the creative aspects of an image. He studied commercial technical photography concentrating on portraiture and photojournalism.

In 1994, Andrew moved to Baltimore, Maryland, and put his technical and artistic skills to work on projects for Baltimore Magazine, Johns Hopkins University, and Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions.

In 1997, Andrew relocated his studio to Chicago, and since then, has developed a diverse national portfolio of clients.

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